Article in New Book -Martial Culture in Medieval Towns

Daniel Jaquet, Regula Schmid, and Iason-eleftherios Tzouriadis have produced this book of articles derived from the “Martial Culture” research project, which included an academic blog which ran for four years, and one of my articles made the cut. If you are into understanding the context of the fencing masters, this should be right up your alley. It was truly a privilege to have had a very small role in it. This project is kind of a big thing for HEMA, and for history in general in a way (to the extent that it opens up understanding of this fascinating place, the medieval town). The book and the blog are also a serious resource for me, I am going to do a significant update of my Baltic books with some of the data which emerged during the project👍🏻

This is a link to a virtual tour of the associated museum exhibition at the Museum Altes Zeughaus in Solothurn Switzerland during May 2023

The blog can be read here

The book is available on Amazon here

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